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A Maine Tribe Worries About its Water
Boyden Lake is the source of the water for the Passamaquoddy Water District.  The water treatment facility has seen $14.9 million worth of upgrades funded by a state revolving fund over the last 22 years. Currently, the water is within federal environmental regulatory limits, but many tribal members continue to distrust the safety of the water.

The issue with the water stems from the sediments in Boyden Lake that are easily stirred up in windy and wet weather.  An increased flow can cause the water to become turbid and carry high levels of organic material. When those materials interact with the chlorine used to clean the water, the chlorine can break down into byproducts called trihalomethanes, which can cause liver, kidney and central nervous system problems and an increased risk of cancer when a person is exposed to it over time.  

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Sustainable Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewater - Phosphorus is an essential element for human nutrition. It plays multiple roles in the human body, including the development of bones and teeth. Fertilizer with phosphorus, applied to crops or lawns, enables healthy growth. Without it, the basic cells of plants and animals, and life itself, would not exist. Accumulation of phosphorus can result in problems like algae blooms in lakes and other surface water bodies. In turn, algae blooms deplete oxygen from the water, affecting the delicate balance of aquatic life.

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