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Scientists Identify Deadly Chemical Killing Coho Salmon
Haunted by the sight of disoriented coho salmon keeling over and dying before they could spawn, scientists have been searching for more than 20 years to find a deadly chemical thought to be prevalent in the urban streams of Puget Sound.

Now environmental chemists have painstakingly narrowed the suspects to a single mysterious compound found in automobile tires. Until now, the little-known compound was never recognized as a problem.

Although many chemicals go into manufacturing tires, the newly discovered chemical, called 6-PPD-quinone, is not one of them. It is, in fact, a chemical produced when ground-level ozone reacts with a chemical in tires called 6-PPD. That’s the compound put into tires to prevent ozone damage to the rubber.

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The Scum isn’t Toxic - The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed that the surface scum floating in Sunshine Lake and the Sunrise Waterway does not have the potential to produce toxins. Similar tests conducted by the DEP revealed the blue-green algae, which is also growing in the lake, was nontoxic as well.

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