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Seagrass Meadows Could Help Remove Plastic from the Oceans
Seagrass meadows are widespread in shallow coastal waters and are involved in trapping and binding sediment particles that form the seabed. These seagrass meadows also provide important ecosystem services and benefits, such as water quality improvement; CO2 absorption; climate change mitigation; sediment production for seafloor and beach stabilisation; coastal protection; nursery and refuge areas for many species, and support in fisheries production.

Research team’s findings also suggest that seagrass meadows may help counteract marine plastic pollution. As previous research found that seagrass areas in the Mediterranean Sea have decreased by up to 50 per cent since 1960, seagrass meadow conservation should remain a priority, according to the authors.

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Fishermen are the Worst Polluters - Local fishermen complain that they are catching more plastic than fish. This is little surprise, as the fishery community is the biggest surface polluter of the Hong Kong marine environment.

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