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Mechanical Harvesting Removed 6,000 lbs of Invasive Eurasian Milfoil in Two Hours
In the last few decades, the lake’s weedy, northern-most portion has clogged hulls and deterred boaters from entering the lake from the Oswegatchie River. Patches of weeds greet the water’s surface near every dock, and nearly invisible from a distance on a windy day, matted greenery creates a basin of weeds seven-feet-deep in some spots.

As part of a summer-long effort to cut a channel in Black Lake, the Black Lake Association used an aquatic weed harvester to cut and remove invasive Eurasian watermilfoil.  On one September afternoon, the Black Lake Association harvested roughly 6,000 pounds of invasive wet weeds in less than two hours.

The harvested vegetation was taken to a local dairy farm to be used as fertilzer.

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Over 50 Invasive Carp Captured on Mississippi River - The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is conducting an immediate response to the capture of 51 invasive carp on the Mississippi River. The invasive carp were caught by two commercial fishing operators near La Crosse and Trempealeau, Wisconsin, during routine spring netting in March.

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