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Seaplane Pilots Create an AIS Inspection Program
Keeping aquatic invasive species out of Montana bodies of water, specifically invasive mussels, is very important to protecting the native fish and plant species in the area.

Researchers said cleaning, draining and drying boats is nearly 100% effective at keeping AIS out of Montana. That is why boat inspections are required in the state.  Seaplanes are also required to undergo inspection.

According to the Seaplane Pilots Association, pilots are strong advocates for the protection of those waterways.  Pacific Northwest seaplane pilots created a program that allows pilots to perform their own invasive species inspections.  Seaplane pilots annually take an online AIS training course, take a test and receive completion certificate.

The training shows participants how to analyze seaplane aircraft for contamination and, if detected, how to rid the invasive species from the craft.

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Bait Shop Initiative Informs Customers about Aquatic Invasive Species - The Bait Shop Initiative reminds anglers they should inspect all equipment, remove any attached plants, drain all water from boats, and bait buckets, and never move plants or live fish away from a body of water.

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