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Military and Government Groups Endorse North Carolina Salt Marsh Protection Plan
A group of military and government leaders has endorsed an initiative to protect the one million acres of salt marsh that stretches from North Carolina down to northeast Florida.

Salt marshes are sinewy channels of coastal grasslands known for their ability to protect coasts from flooding and storm surge during heavy rain events and hurricanes. Healthy salt marches can significantly improve coastal ecosystem and community resilience. 

According to NOAA, salt marshes soak up excess floodwaters and wave energy during storms, and can mitigate property damage by up to 20%.

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Three Million Pounds of Weeds Harvested So Far by Chautauqua Lake Association - The past two months have been productive for the Chautauqua Lake Association, and the work is just getting started. July is expected to be even more productive with the expansion to a third site to efficiently maintain Chautauqua Lake’s ecology.

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