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What effect do blue-green algae have on you or your loved ones?
What effect do blue-green algae have on you or your loved ones? There’s a way to help you figure that out.

During the algal bloom problems of 2018, many people reported respiratory issues and health concerns as the green gunk built up.

The CDC is starting a new study on the health effects of cyanotoxins. They’re asking for volunteers as they study the health effects of living and working near Lake Okeechobee, along the river to Cape Coral.

Experts believe the damage from toxins can cause liver cancer and other medical issues. A similar study was done in 2018 but was limited to Lake Okeechobee.

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Seaplane Pilots Create an AIS Inspection Program - Pacific Northwest seaplane pilots created a program that allows pilots to perform their own invasive species inspections in an effort to keep aquatic invasive species out of Montana bodies of water.

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