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Curly-leaf Pondweed Disappearing from Clear Lake Shores
In mid-June in Clear Lake, much of the curly-leaf pondweed had reached the end of its life cycle, and the weeds washing ashore are just a result of that.  Curly-leaf pondweed begins to grow during the fall at the bottom of bodies of water, like Clear Lake, with its life cycle coming to an end in the late spring and early summer.

There was more curly-leaf pondweed this year than in average years because milder winter conditions experienced in Clear Lake made for optimal growing conditions for the weeds, meaning there was just a lot more of it than usual.  And while curly-leaf pondweed is an invasive species, according to Cerro Gordo County Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist, the weed is nothing to worry about for Clear Lake residents and is just a harmless aquatic plant.

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