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Green Water is Costing Iowa Residents Millions of Dollars
A national environmental organization labeled the Raccoon River one of the country’s most endangered because of toxic algae and nitrates. Des Moines Water Works called it a “catastrophe,” as the Raccoon is the major source for drinking water for a half-million Iowans.

Des Moines Water Works, after dumping as much as $250,000 a year into buying water from the increasingly polluted Saylorville Lake, is now considering a $50 million treatment plant expansion.  But who will pay for it?

The report that labeled the Raccoon River endangered blamed the problem on the farm chemicals and livestock manure that are running from those emerald fields into our increasingly sickly green rivers and streams.  However a lawsuit to share the cost with upstream polluters failed along with a separate case against the state of Iowa alleging the state was violating the public trust by failing to protect the Raccoon River from pollution. 

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Chesapeake Bay Underwater Grasses Continue to Rebound - Underwater grasses continue to rebound across the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland and Virginia scientists reported Thursday, with aerial surveys showing a 27 percent expansion last year. Problematic as that may be for boaters, it's encouraging ecologically, as the grasses provide vital habitat for blue crabs and fish, while also helping to clean up the water.

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