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Human Impact on Aquatic Plant Life
Algal blooms in Bednesti Lake over recent years led researchers to look into how humans impact aquatic life. Overall what they found was a chain reaction, when a type of aquatic plant like a lily pad was removed, other plants disappeared too. 

Researchers analyzed 16 human-caused disturbances and 10 natural disturbances to see how much of an impact people truly have on aquatic plant life.  Researches found six of those having an impact on individual aquatic plants, so if there was a sandy beach they would tend not to see one type of plant,, but you might see another type of plant.

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Officials Remind Residents Chemical Treatments Need Approval - Lake LBJ, part of the Texas Highland Lakes which is a freshwater reservoir and the source of drinking water for most of Central Texas, is being overrun with aquatic vegetation such as milfoil. Officials remind homeowners that herbicide and chemical treatments need approval prior to use.

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