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What is an Aquatic Vegetation Cutter (AVC)?

How will it be used in your lake?

Operational Considerations.

Expected Results of an Aquatic Vegetation Cutting program.

The AVC, or weed cutter works at an average speed of one mile per hour. It can chop over one acre per hour of heavy growth at this rate. On softer plant material, like water hyacinth, the AVC can shred more than two acres per hour. The use of containment devices, like lightweight oil spill control boom, can help improve the cutting efficiency of floating vegetation in some cases.

When clearing extensive areas of densely matted floating vegetation, some managers increase efficiency by cutting free large sections of the floating island and towing them to shore with another workboat. These manageable size mats are then extracted from the water with a clam shell.

The AVC is a very effective tool for cutting up and dispersing large mats of aquatic weeds. It can move rapidly through these weed mats and dramatically reduce them. It is most effectively used to open established weed beds to clear areas of the plants and root systems and to cut channels into the weed beds to improve nesting opportunities.

The system will efficiently clear all vegetation that it contacts. It can also create channels up to three feet deep in shoreline hydric soils. The AVC is a useful tool for restoring an overgrown body of water back into a waterway again.

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The Rebirth of Polluted Lake Apopka - In July 1980, Tower Chemical Company (TCC), a local pesticide manufacturer, improperly disposed of significant amounts of DDE, a known endocrine disruptor, along with other toxic chemicals. As a result, these chemicals spilled into Lake Apopka which has caused health problems in much of the lake's wildlife population, and has caused infertility and other sexual disorders in several species, including alligators.

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