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Minnesota aquatic invasive species control
Lisa Kruse and 136 other conservation officers in Minnesota will be focusing their enforcement powers on zebra mussels, Asian carp, round gobies, and spiny water fleas, as well as Eurasian watermilfoil and other invasive aquatic plants.

Armed with tougher laws and more costly penalties for violators, the DNR will be on heightened alert for anyone toting aquatic hitchhikers on their boats and trailers as they travel from lake to lake. Boaters can expect to encounter portable “stop-and-inspect” stations staffed by not only conservations officers, but in some cases by sheriff’s deputies and special invasive-species inspectors.

Portable “decontamination” boat washers will be set up at some of the inspections stations to spray down watercraft and trailers thought be carrying invasive species. “We have a new sense of urgency,” said Minnesota DNR regional enforcement supervisor Capt. Phil Meier. “We in the department take the threat seriously and are stepping up our enforcement efforts.”

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