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Aquatic Weed Harvester Winterization
Like any piece of equipment, following a proper maintenance schedule can greatly extend the life and efficiency of the machine. Proper maintenance also includes winterizing your harvester before storing it for the winter. It is also the ideal time to do any major repairs (engine, pump, leaky motors or rams, cutting head, etc) so that your machine is ready to go in the springtime. If your machine doesn’t have a fuel/water separator filter we recommend installing one, we have kits in stock; part number PR-606KIT. It’s also a great time to update contact information if there are any changes in operators or maintenance personnel.

Basic Winterization Tips:

• Wash & clean the harvester, remove dirt, sand, and weeds
• Drain & replace gear lube in paddle wheel gearboxes
• Replace all engine filters
• Change engine oil
• Drain water from fuel/water separator filter
• Drain Water from hydraulic tank petcock
• Replace the hydraulic filters & make sure they pre-fill them with good clean hydraulic oil. If the filters are not wrapped in the original packaging they are no good. If the hydraulic oil needs changing this should be done in the spring when they change the oil. (Not good for new bio-degradable oil to sit over the winter)
• Inspect engine for rodent damage & put in place mothballs as needed
• Check conveyor belt tension and adjust accordingly
• Lubricate all conveyor belt take-ups with anti-seize lubricant
• Lubricate all conveyor chain couplings
• Lightly grease all cylinder rods to prevent from pitting.
• Cycle the auto-grease system to make sure it is functioning properly
• Wrap the joystick controller & engine in plastic
• Remove batteries from all equipment for safe winter storage
• Drain fuel from tank


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