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Rice Lake Situated in beautiful Northern Wisconsin has been harvesting fewer plants which in turn are producing clearer water and better water quality. How is that possible? Rice Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, established in 1977 and making it one of the oldest in Wisconsin, has enacted a new management plan recommending the removal of invasive aquatic plants but not native plants.

The invasive plant not only affects populations of native plants, but has been known to impact fish by decreasing predator success, stunting fish year-classes and reducing spawning success. Curly-leaf pondweed grows in approximately 260 of Rice Lake's 936 acres. A goal of the management plan is to remove 80%, or 200 acres, of the curly-leaf pondweed annually while maintaining 40% of native aquatic plants like coontail and elodea.

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Invasive Plant Could Cost Salmon Industry $159 Million Annually - A common aquarium plant illegally dumped into Alaskan waters that has adapted to cold weather could threaten wild salmon habitat and cost the commercial fishing industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

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