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Hydrilla Discovery in Cayuga Lake
An 18-year old intern on the Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom received the Distinguished Civic Service Award from the Ithaca Power and Sail Squadron for her discovery of hydrilla. The one inch sample which had gotten caught in her net is the first confirmed case of hydrilla in the Cayuga Lake.

Hydrilla, a highly invasive species forms dense mats of vegetation that interfere with recreation and destroy fish and wildlife habitat. Hydrilla has become well established throughout water bodies in southern states where control and management costs millions of dollars each year.

Hydrilla closely resembles native plant elodea so the discovery took an amazing ability to notice the subtle difference. The advance warning provided could potentially save millions of dollars – once Hydrilla becomes established in a waterbody it is nearly impossible to eradicate.

Elodea                          Hydrilla


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Our Government Cannot Stop all Invaders – Take Matters into Your Own Hands - Our government cannot stop all invaders at our borders. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. Plants that come into the United States from abroad can choke our crops, native plants and gardens or cause algae blooms that kill fish. They can even poison animals. Invasive species threaten our environment, our economy and our health. The flood of plants and food that come in through ports and airports potentially brings in pests, disease and harmful plants.

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