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Illinois Phragmities Overgrowth
Phragmites, the Common Reed, is a large perennial grass that is found on every continent except Antarctica. This colonial plant is capable of forming large stands or colonies arising from one or a few seeds or plant pieces. These colonies form along the margins of streams and in marshes and ditches. cookie cutter auqatic cookie cutter

Eradication of Phragmites is not likely once it successfully invades an area, but with proper control methods and annual maintenance, native plant populations can be reestablished, wildlife and wetland habitat improved, and recreational opportunities restored.

The Aquarius Systems Swamp Devil is designed for use in shallow environments and wetlands and can easily chop through the thick Phragmites.  While not specifically designed for Phragmites removal, one of Aquarius Systems' customers has achieved success in reclaiming a pond from the over abundance of Phragmites. An EH-220, one of our smaller aquatic weed harvesters, ran for six hours per day for six weeks to clear a 20 acre pond of Phragmites and other aquatic invasive species.

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