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The Scum isn’t Toxic
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed that the surface scum floating in Sunshine Lake and the Sunrise Waterway does not have the potential to produce toxins. Similar tests conducted by the DEP revealed the blue-green algae, which is also growing in the lake, was nontoxic as well.

Despite the findings, Charlotte County health officials are asking visitors and residents in the area to stay away from the algal blooms and to stop watering their lawns with water drawn from the lake because exposure may cause an allergic reaction.

Residents who must deal with the stench as well as physical side effects such as difficulty breathing, headaches, blurred vision, and skin irritations want to know when it will be cleaned up. Experts said the algae blooms are caused by high nutrient loads in the water, which they believe could be a result of low water levels, poor circulation and raw sewage that has leaked into the water over many years. The reports states it would take about 100 to 150 million gallons of raw sewage to create the levels of nutrient now present in Sunshine Lake.

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