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Fish Population Struggling after Chemical Treatments
Lake Pinehurst does not permit power boats making it an ideal lake to host cocktail cruises, sail, swim, and fish. Well, maybe not fish. This 200-acre manmade lake is owned by Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina; a premiere golf and recreation resort. Residents of the area and resort guests trolled for largemouth bass and other fish that were once plentiful in the lake. Pinehurst Resort advertised a well-stocked lake and provided fishing guide services for guests. That is until hydrilla was discovered, Pinehurst Resort and members of the homeowners association quickly ordered herbicide spraying to combat the aquatic invasive species.

Aquatic vegetation had always been a problem in shallow parts of the lake and years of limited spraying kept the vegetation under control. Three years ago an intensive annual program of spraying herbicides to kill the vegetation began. The program costs $20,000 annually and has proved to be successful. Very little aquatic vegetation remained after the spraying program, but native vegetation is necessary to keep lake healthy, filter pollutants, and create fish habitat. The annihilation of the aquatic vegetation has led to an unproductive fishery in poor shape; there is lack of forage fish and stunted and unhealthy game fish.

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