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Looming Water Shortage on the Great Lakes
Lake Ontario is part of an ecosystem that’s under threat and may become Canada’s next environmental battleground. Author and activist Maude Barlow is concerned with a UN study that showed the use of groundwater is doubling every 20 years. “If we pump the Great Lakes groundwater at the same level as we are pumping global groundwater, the Great lakes will be bone dry in 80 years.”

The water shortage is not the only threat to the Great Lakes however. Invasive species and pollution threaten the Great Lakes as well as the idea of oil pipelines, which seem to be heading that way. Barlow believes the next big fight “is going to be a pipeline to take bitumen through and around the lakes and down through New England or St. John in New Brunswick.

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Dam Repairs Nearly Complete at Lake Beseck; Water Level Remains Low - Drawn down to perform dam renovation, water levels on Lake Beseck are not returning to normal. Weeds are growing on exposed lake beds and residents are growing concerned.

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