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Lake Winnebago Residents Voice Their Concerns on Algae, Invasive Species and Pollution
From March to May, a steering committee held eight public meetings and conducted traditional and online surveys to collect data about lake use and concerns. The results were recently released.

Erin Gerred, director of administration for Fond du Lac County and committee member, said it makes sense that algae, invasive species and pollution would make the top of the list of concerns.

“Overall, I think the big thing is water quality,” Gerred said. “Those three issues feed right into the quality of water in the Lake Winnebago watershed itself.”

Participants shared their concerns about the algae blooms affecting drinking water and hindering recreation.

“It doesn’t make for really good swimming conditions and some of it is pretty bad for your health as well,” Gerred said.
Survey respondents noted a need for better management processes for lawn care, buffers on agricultural properties and better enforcement of the guidelines for sewage systems and storm-water management in an effort to reduce polluted runoff.

Invasive species, particularly zebra mussels, were also a topic of concern. Those who responded indicated they thought education and outreach were the best way to prevent the spread of existing invasive species and the introduction of new ones.

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