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Sunshine Coast Council Sprays Dunes with 'Agent Orange' Mix to Control Weeds
The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has developed a mix of herbicides in order to rid Australian sand dunes of the invasive glory lily weed.

For the past three years, the council has been experimenting with an off-label "tank mix" of 2,4-D and another herbicide, metsulfuron methyl. Because neither herbicide was designed for glory lily, the council was issued a special federal permit to use the products "off-label".

According to former contractor, Adam Presnells, neither chemical should be sprayed near "aquatic environments" but he was told to spray the mix near a creek at Marcoola and by a drain.

However the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority executive director of pesticides Raj Bhula said it was "highly unlikely" that mixing 2,4-D and metsulfuron methyl would create a toxic brew like Agent Orange.
"It's very, very, very unlikely that would happen in a normal spray tank under normal pressure and normal spray conditions," she said.

National Toxics Network co-ordinator Jo Immig said there was no evidence 2,4-D was safe. Claims that the two active chemicals in Gloricide were “compatible” meant they wouldn’t react when mixed, it doesn’t mean they are safe for humans or the environment.

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