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Researchers Find Traces of Chemicals in Waterways that Flow into Lagoon
Water samples taken in late 2013 from the South Relief Canal, which flows into the River Lagoon, tested positive for three different herbicides that could compound pollution in the estuary. Sediment samples taken from the mouth of Taylor Creek has also tested positive for a chemical herbicide.

After analyzing the samples, traces of glyphosate, diquat and Indaziflam – chemicals blended into household weed killers such as Roundup and Rodeo. Governments, farmers and landscapers also use the herbicides to remove unwanted vegetation in canals, citrus groves, golf courses, lawns and roadside ditches.

The chemicals most likely entered the waterways as runoff flowing through drainage canals. A concern is that the herbicides were detected during the dry season when stormwater runoff, which carries herbicides, has slowed to a trickle and also what effect this has on the fish and mammals as well as the vanishing sea grass, which is a vital part of the lagoon’s food web.

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