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Solution to Ocean Pollution in Teen’s Hands
Millions of tonnes of plastic debris accumulate permanently in the oceans. Moved by rotating currents they gather at five key areas called gyres.

Over a hundred thousand sea mammals and a million birds suffer a slow death each year due to either entanglement with nets and accumulated floating debris or by ingesting small pieces of plastic mistaken for food.

Many plastic particles are so small they are being mistaken for plankton. Prior to modern pollution, all matter in the ocean was biodegradable or edible. Now turtles eat plastic bags mistaken for jelly fish, and jelly fish eat small plastic particles mistaken for plankton.  Plastic in now a permanent part of the food chain. trash hunter debris skimmer trash skimmer skimmer boat

A young inventor, Boyan Slat, spent his teenage years searching for a solution to clean the oceans of pollution. He developed an Ocean Cleanup Array that will collect floating debris, shred it to pieces before being taken to land in containers. The system poses no threat to marine life.

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Why Muck is a Bad Thing and What to do About it - What is Muck? It’s the black mayonnaise that covers the bottom of lakes and waterways. It smothers seagrass, clams and other bottom dwellers. Lying there, it produces a flux accounting for nearly 25 percent of the nitrogen and phosphorous feeding algae blooms each year.

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