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Shamineau Lake Property Owners Look to Create a Lake Improvement District
The association consisting of Shamineau Lake property owners is discussing the creation of a lake improvement district (LID). This LID would, through Morrison County, collect funds to combat Eurasian watermilfoil, an invasive species discovered in the lake several years ago.

“We got a grant in 2012 to eradicate the AIS,” said Bob Koll, property owner on Shamineau Lake and in charge of water control. “The watermilfoil was less than an acre then.”

Divers were hired to pull out the AIS that summer.

“We thought we got it all,” said Randy Heltemes, the president of the Shamineau Lake Association. But, it reappeared in a different area the following year.

In 2013, divers again pulled out the AIS after finding it in a different location. It was then that the association decided to create the LID.

The cost to remove the milfoil by pulling the 200 pounds out in 2012 was $1,630. In 2013, divers pulled out another 300 pounds which cost $1,617. In 2014, 1,050 pounds were removed from Shamineau at a cost of $2,600.

The survey of the lake, done this past summer, also indicated that a possible hybrid milfoil plant was located, along with purple loosestrife.

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Government Shut-Down Leads to Weed Infested Waters - Due to a government shut-down, many Minnesota Lakes are becoming infested with weeds resulting in the inability to use the waters for recreation. Permits to harvest invasive weeds, which are issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, have been suspended because no one from the state is available to oversee the work. Normally, three weed harvesters would be cutting milfoil on Lake Minnetonka and another would be cutting weeds on Lake Calhoun. All of which has been suspended.

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