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The Fight to Save Little Green Lake
Many Wisconsin lake communities’ work hard to keep their lakes healthy, but proximity to agriculture creates a major roadblock.

The bright light of the sun shines down on her each day and accentuates her most charming features. But today her color is off, and suddenly that same light looks less flattering. One by one people begin to enter the dimly lit room. Some lay out charts for everyone to see, others mumble to one another over her most recent images. The charts show she’s losing too much oxygen and not getting the nutrients she needs. The images show areas where something is growing where it shouldn’t be. She is sicker than they thought, and they need to come up with a plan—and fast.

They meet in the same small, faintly lit room each month in northern Wisconsin. Every time they meet they discuss her condition and what can be done to improve her health. Sometimes it is little changes here and there, while other times she needs expensive procedures.

Even though the treatments are expensive and time-consuming, these individuals will do whatever it takes to heal her.

This patient, however, is not a typical patient.

Her name is Little Green Lake, and because of humans, she is gravely ill.

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Study Shows Viruses in Drinking Water - A new study of 14 Wisconsin communities that do not disinfect their water revealed the presence of human viruses in drinking water in nearly one-quarter of all samples taken.

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