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Mechanical Harvester Plays Significant Role in Invasive Aquatic Plant Management
Thanks to a grant from the city of Marshall, and the investment and efforts of Marshall native John Sanders, the Caddo Lake Institute recently was able to participate in mechanical harvester trials to evaluate whether physical removal can play a significant role in the management of invasive aquatic vegetation at Caddo Lake.

A benefit of harvesting is that mechanical removal of aquatic vegetation can provide immediate relief to anglers and recreational boaters, and immediate benefits to marina and fishing camp operators. The harvester removed several hundred thousand pounds of aquatic plants from one particular area and created open water where it had previously been clogged.

Most people involved with aquatic vegetation control don't regard mechanical harvesting versus chemical treatment as an either-or situation. Along with prevention, containment, chemical, and biological measures, harvesting is another tool for lake management. We think it is an important one because removing vegetation from the lake removes the nutrients that encourage more vegetation growth and partially decomposed vegetation adds to bottom-filling silt.

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Lake Hopatcong Commission Gears Up for Annual Weed Harvesting Program - Four stainless steel aquatic plant harvesters, two shore conveyors and two tilt trailers were unloaded and are currently located at the Lake Hopatcong State Park, which will serve as one of two staging areas for the weed harvesting.

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