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Support Equipment

A variety of support equipment is available to enhance your surface water management efforts.

Towed behind a truck these dual purpose trailers haul weedloads to the disposal site.

•Standard Trailers haul equipment between work sites, then launch and retrieve it from the water

•Tilt Deck Trailers also tow equipment, but feature hydraulic tilt design to launch and retrieve in exceptionally shallow situations.

•Trailer Conveyors serve all the functions of a standard trailer and then double as an off loading conveyor as well.

Shore Conveyors & Pier Conveyors
Conveyors serve the Weed Harvesters, Transports and Trash Hunters as an unloading link between land and water. The harvested weeds or trash is emptied into the Shore Conveyor or Pier Conveyor, which elevates the load up into a waiting dump truck or dumpster for disposal.

•The Standard Shore Conveyor is positioned at the waters edge to receive loads.

•The Pier Conveyor is a special conveyor designed to be positioned over a seawall or embankment. The Pier Conveyor is transported in a horizontal mode, then hydraulically tilted up into position. It features a flotation tank at the input end that allows the conveyor to “bob” in the water. A self contained hydraulic system with a gasoline engine powers the conveyor and the tilting functions. An optional diesel engine is also available.

Transport Barges
Transport Barges are used on larger waterways to shuttle weed loads to shore, increasing the efficiency of a harvesting program by up to 90%. Equipped with high speed hulls and a choice of propulsion systems, Transport Barges optimize the material handling process. Weed loads are conveyed from the harvester into the shuttle barge, freeing the cutter to immediately resume work while the Transport ferries the vegetation to shore.

Transports are available with a choice of four different propulsion systems to power the Transport at a variety of speeds.

•Twin Hydraulic Propellers
•Volvo Penta Inboard/Outboard Engines
•Outboard Engines
•Dual Paddle Wheels

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Algae Bloom Warnings are Overblown - The New York Department of Environmental Conservation issued a toxic algae bloom warning for Black Lake, located in the northern part of New York. Blue-green algae blooms produce toxic microcystis, a chemical with potentially deadly consequences for animals and people who ingest it. Water samples taken from bloom areas were 20 times higher than the recreational contact suggested limit, causing the DEC to issue the warning.

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